Sunday, December 17, 2006

To Serve and Protect

في خدمة الوطن والشعب... والبنات القصّـر


Puppylove said...

La mashallah...khoosh service and protection...
"To serve & protect" MY ASS!!!

neelaah said...

خبر برفع الضغط
باجر يدبر له نائب دايخ
يطلعه منها زي الشعره من العجينه

AyyA said...

Perverts are everywhere, but our perverts can easily get away with it, if we were in a civilized country we would have this pervert’s pictures all over the media. But here; we only hear about the incident once, and then nothing more. How would this girl be justified we’d never know.

S.M. LoL said...

Ayya, as u said, instead of being warned against him, we would only read about him as:



to preserve his identity from public humiliation: ya 7aram!