Wednesday, April 02, 2008

International Stadium?!

إستاد جابر الأحمد الدولي
Jaber Al-Ahmad International Stadium

!دولي" عاد؟؟ شنو مطار؟"

!!!ما ينلامون الجماعة... مو مصدقين بانين إستاد من الستينات

مبروك علينا الإستاد الدولي اللّي بحل كل مشاكلنا الرياضية... والدولية


kila ma6goog said...

مستقبل مشرق

Khaled said...

I think you are wrong this time, there is a technicality in naming stadiums, where this stadiums naming conventions are correct as the stadium is not related to any football club, but to the national team and to other big events. Similar to wembley stadium in england..

مــعـــارض said...

Thank you for the example... Exactly! It's called Wembley Stadium, NOT Wembley "International" Stadium!!! ;)